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Hotline Miami patch adds Xbox 360 controller support, Mac version coming 'soon'

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An update for PC top-down action title Hotline Miami added Xbox 360 controller support as well as an unlockable bonus stage, developer Dennaton Games announced on the game's Steam page today.

To enable use of the Xbox controller, players must install the controller's latest drivers, which are downloadable at Microsoft's website. Keyboard and mouse controls can be restored by shutting off the controller and restarting the computer.

A new bonus stage, "Highballer," can now be unlocked by completing the main storyline. Improvements have also been made to graphics and sound effects, and there are more randomly placed weapons for players to grab.

The team is still working to fix a number of bugs, including a slowdown bug and a glitch that traps players in elevators and stairwells. Dennaton Games notes that these problems occur for players who are running a Windows client on a Mac, and that these bugs should be cleared when the game releases for Mac "soon."

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