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Fez programmer Renaud Bedard leaves Polytron for Capybara Games

"That's crazy, man! We're totally psyched!!!"

Renaud Bedard, programmer for Polytron Corporation's pixelated platformer Fez, recently left the Montreal-based studio for Capybara Games, according to Capybara's Twitter account.

Capybara said of the hiring, "That's crazy, man! We're totally psyched!!!"

Bedard was one half of the team that made Fez, with the game design being handled by Phil Fish. The two can be seen in the film Indie Game: The Movie, which documents Fez's drawn-out development process among other stories of indie developers.

Upon the announcement, Polytron wrote on Twitter, "The remaining employees of the Polytron Corp. would like to say goodbye and thank you to [Bedard] for all the years of amazing work."

Toronto-based Capybara Games originally made a name for itself with the 2008 iOS puzzle title Critter Crunch, which was later ported to PlayStation Network, PC and Mac. The studio is also known for Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and the celebrated 2011 adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. It is currently working on Super TIME Force, a side-scrolling pixelated platformer/shooter due out in 2013.

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