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Tales of Xillia developer believes the English voice cast matches the original Japanese persona

Tales of Xillia's appropriate English voice acting

Tales of Xillia's English voice acting won't be jarring or throw off players who are used to hearing the original Japanese voices, according to the game's North American producer, Ted Tsung.

Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Tsung said: "I'm very much aware that it can be very jarring to someone hearing the English voices when they're used to hearing the Japanese voices. However, I think our English cast matches the original intention of their character's persona."

Tsung says an example of voice matching can be heard in the character Milla, whose English voice is deep and maintains the same pitch as her Japanese voice, which conveys her "powerful and authoritative demeanor." The character Jude also has the pitch of his voice brought down. Tsung says he maintains the same adolescent qualities as the Japanese version of the character, but he was tuned to have a lower, stronger voice to suit North American tastes.

The Japanese version of the game was first released in 2011. An international release is expected sometime in 2013 for PlayStation 3.

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