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Text-based Multiplayer Shooter offers a free, no-visuals deathmatch

A free-to-play, browser-based game titled Text-based Multiplayer Shooter has seemingly done the impossible: Adapted one of the fastest-paced, twitchiest genres in gaming to one of the slowest and most contemplative genres in gaming.

As the title suggests, Text-based Multiplayer Shooter lets players join lobbies, then enter text commands into a console to maneuver around a battlefield. The action is in real-time; players will have to quickly enter commands like "Go east," and "Turn south" to survey the area, and quickly rattle off a series of "Shoot" commands to lay waste to their opponents. Of course, they'll also need to "reload" from time to time, and, in proper Zork fashion, "Look" to get a sense of their surroundings.

You can sign up for an account and play Text-based Multiplayer Shooter through the website of developer Elgen Lenk.