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Guitar Hero co-creator developing virtual gaming console for smartphones and TVs

Charles Huang, one of the founders of Guitar Hero co-developer RedOctane, announced his latest ambitious project today: His new company, Green Throttle Games, is developing a virtual gaming console which will allow players to plug their smartphones into their TVs, and play their mobile games with physical controllers on a much larger screen.

The heretofore unnamed software allows players to connect Green Throttle's gaming controller to their Android smartphone or tablet, which will connect to a television via HDMI input. The idea is to create a seamless gaming experience, allowing you to continue playing the game you were enjoying with friends in your living room while on the go.

"Mobile gaming is exploding, and new smart devices are becoming powerful alternatives to traditional consoles," Huang said in a recent VentureBeat interview. "We just need a simple and fun way for people to play games both on the go and on the couch. Our mission is to create great game experiences that bring people together — a big-screen experience where you can just start playing games on a television, as simple as that."

Huang also said his company was working on developing partnerships with game developers to create titles that two players can play on a single screen — a formula which isn't often used for smaller touchscreens, but is required for local multiplayer on a television. Green Throttle will also distribute an SDK to these developers, ensuring they can build local multiplayer games which utilize the company's proprietary controller.

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