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Portal 2 In Motion PlayStation Move support explained by developer, detailed in trailer

A launch trailer released today for Portal 2's In Motion DLC demonstrates the game's new PlayStation Move controls.

In an article on the PlayStation Blog, Danny Woodall, creative director at developer Sixense Studios, explains In Motion's three new Move-based controls. First up is the one-to-one mechanic, which "allows the player to manipulate objects as if they were held in the player’s own hand." The Portal Surfing mechanic allows players to move and rotate Portals along compatible surfaces. Finally, the Scaling mechanic allows players to use motion controls to scale the size of an object.

Woodall also discusses the new aiming mechanics, called Freeaim, which uses the Move controller's orientation to determine the cursor's position on screen.

You can check out Portal 2's new moves, which Sixense previously brought to the PC version of the game, in the launch trailer above. The DLC is available through the PlayStation Network today for $9.99.

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