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Borderlands 2 Graveyard hack addressed by Xbox 360 patch today

The Borderlands 2 "Graveyard" hack, which allowed nefarious players to corrupt the save files of other players, essentially permanently killing their characters, has been fixed by a patch which launched today on Xbox 360, according to publisher 2K Games.

The exploit allowed players to swap out the save files of their online co-op cohorts with Graveyard.sav, a file which left their characters permanently dead in one of the game's many graveyards. The attack was viral, too, which means anyone affected could pass the virus along to anyone they were in an online game with.

We've downloaded the patch, and wagered the safety of our own hard-leveled characters to ensure the patch worked. We weren't immediately and permanently killed, but further investigation is required; make sure to sound off in the comments about whether the patch worked for you.

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