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TERA's Discovery Edition expands trial's level cap and removes time restriction

Publisher En Masse Entertainment has unveiled TERA's Discovery Edition, which lifts the previous seven day play limit and includes a higher level cap than the previous trial version for those trying out developer Bluehole Studio's massively multiplayer online role-playing game, according the game's support site.

"The Discovery Edition is the new free trial available for players interested in giving TERA a try," the Discovery Edition's support page reads. "We have improved our previous free trial by increasing the max level players can play up to, as well as removing the 7 day restriction so you can play on your own time and not worry about using up the free trial time!"

Players interested in giving the game a spin can now max out at level 28, though other restrictions like the amount of gold you can collect and the number of characters per server are still in effect.

You can sign up for the retooled free trial by creating an En Masse account at the TERA website. Those who signed up before the Discovery Edition will have their accounts automatically updated to take advantage of the changes.

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