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Square Enix to publish one of the first games to be approved on Steam Greenlight

Square Enix has picked up one of the first games to be approved on Steam Greenlight and is bringing the game to Windows, iOS and Android devices, the company announced today.

Developed by Danish studio Reto-Moto, Heroes and Generals was one of the first 10 games to get onto Steam via Steam Greenlight. The first-person shooter strategy game based on World War II allows players to either assume the role of the Hero or the General: in the former players can fight on the frontline on-foot and control a variety of vehicles like tanks and warplanes. In the latter they can employ strategy to place troops and combat resources where they are most needed to outwit the opponent.

The free-to-play browser-based game is a massively multiplayer online FPS and will be playable on Windows PC, iOS and Android devices. The game is currently in closed beta, which interested players can sign up for here.

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