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PixelJunk isn't 'jumping ship' from publishing its games through PlayStation Network

PixelJunk series developer Q-Games hasn't "jumped ship" from releasing its games through the PlayStation Network, but the company is experimenting publishing through different platforms, president Dylan Cuthbert said in a recent interview with Eurogamer.

"For the slightly different development/publication approach we wanted to try and take for 1-6, Steam seemed most appropriate," Cuthbert said. "Given our history with Sony I think people are being rather hasty in thinking 'Q is jumping ship' or other such nonsense."

The newest entry to the PixelJunk series, 1-6, will be released through Steam for PC, Q-Games announced last week. Q-Games chose Steam this time because of the flexibility and freedom the service offers developers.

"We also want to rapidly iterate on the game following release, and Steam is probably the best platform around for this at the moment," said designer Rowan Parker. "Steam also has some interesting features we want to explore like the new 'big picture mode'. I'm also particularly interested to hear how their recent Linux Beta is going.

"We're certainly not ruling out any platforms at this point," Parker added. "I hope 1-6 does well enough on Steam for PC that we can bring it to PSN and as many other platforms as is technically possible."

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