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Nintendo-JoySound Wii Karaoke U brings sing-a-longs to Japanese consoles

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Nintendo-JoySound Wii Karaoke U will bring built-in karaoke software to the Japanese version of Nintendo's upcoming dual screen console, Nintendo announced today during a Japanese Nintendo Direct livesream.

Nintendo-JoySound Wii Karaoke U will bring a catalog of over 90,000 songs to the Wii U, allowing singers several customization options, including changing the song's tempo and using Mii avatars to display on screen. Though the app will be free and pre-installed on Japanese Wii U consoles, players will have to pay for the time they spend singing, with purchasing options ranging from one hour to 90 days. Nintendo also revealed that its official Wii U microphone peripheral can be used with Nintendo-JoySound Wii Karaoke U.

The software is a collaboration between Nintendo and Xing Incorporated, a company that partnered with IBM in 2006 to develop tablet-like wireless karaoke controllers to replace karaoke catalogs.