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Everquest 2 does away with in-game currency limitations

Everquest 2 has removed all limitations on the number of coins players can hold, according to the game's recent patch notes on Sony's forums.

The change was made in response to the recently-introduced Krono token system, which allowed players to redeem these coins for in-game subscription time. Unpaid players had a limit to the amount of currency they could hold at one time, making purchasing the fairly expensive Krono tokens nearly impossible.

This coin limit has now been removed, allowing players to earn currency and Krono tokens without limitations.

The update also includes a number of tweaks and fixes, like minor changes to individual class skills and all player-versus-player gear for Chains of Eternity can now be equipped by characters at level 93. Spirit Stones also now build pending experience points and only while players are in combat, with those points being awarded after an enemy is successfully killed.

Everquest 2's Chains of Eternity expansion pack is set to release this month.

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