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Wii U internet requirements and parental controls detailed in instruction manual

The Wii U's online connection protocols and parental controls are detailed in the console's instruction manual, sent to Polygon today along with the hardware.

Users will need a wireless LAN connection to get the Wii U online. Those without a wireless LAN connection will need to purchase and install a Wii LAN adapter, a port that will connect the Wii U to the Internet via a cable connection.

Parental controls limit the viewing and downloading of certain content on the system, with several options allowing users to customize what content is blocked. When enabled, Parental Controls will automatically block certain System Settings options, including Internet Settings, System Transfers and the ability to format the system's memory. These features can be accessed under restriction using an identification PIN number obtained during initial parental control setup.

Restriction options for the Wii U's parental controls include blocking based on game ratings and on all entertainment other than games. Users can also be prevented from accessing all games' online components, use of the Internet browser and the Wii U shopping program, posting in and viewing MiiVerse content, finding and registering new friends, and managing the console's data.

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