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Wii U console, GamePad, Pro Controller all feature removable batteries

The Wii U and its two main input devices, the GamePad and Pro Controller, all include user-replaceable batteries, according to the console's user manual.

The manual provides specific instructions for the three different replacement processes, which appear to be relatively simple and require no specialized equipment aside from a size 0 Phillips head screwdriver. The console uses a standard CR3202 lithium coin battery for the system clock. However, the GamePad and Pro Controller each require specialized lithium-ion batteries — the WUP-012 and CTR-003, respectively — and according to the manual, replacement batteries must be ordered directly from Nintendo.

Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries like the ones in the GamePad and Pro Controller tend to lose their capacity over time; Nintendo estimates that a new battery may drop to 70 percent of its original capacity after 500 charge cycles. According to Nintendo, the GamePad's battery takes 2.5 hours to charge fully, and the device will last 3 to 5 hours on a full charge. The GamePad can only be charged via its AC adapter, which must be plugged into a power outlet. The Pro Controller takes 4.5 hours to charge fully, says Nintendo, but it will run for up to 80 hours on a full charge. The unit charges through a USB cable; if you plug it into the Wii U, it will only charge when the console is powered on.

Nintendo will launch the Wii U in North America on Nov. 18. The company won't be selling GamePads separately at launch, but Pro Controllers will be available in white and black for $49.99. Above, you can flip through the user manual's battery replacement pages for yourself.

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