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Wii U Gamepad potential dead pixels and connectivity issues addressed by manual

The Wii U manual's troubleshooting guide addresses potential issues players may encounter with dead pixels and audio/visual disconnection on the GamePad.

"Due to the characteristics of liquid crystal displays, a small number of pixels may not illuminate or may always stay lit," reads the manual. "This is normal and not considered a defect unless the number of pixels that don't function normally increases over time."

The guide also mentions connectivity issues that may affect sound and video quality on the GamePad.

"The video or sound may cut off at times," it reads. "This is due to the nature of wireless communication and does not indicate a defective product."

The manual asks that users check for objects that may be interfering with the connection between the Wii U and GamePad, like metal racks, shelves or AV equipment.

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