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Survival-horror game Miasmata coming to PC through Steam and GOG on Nov. 28

Brothers Joe and Bob Johnson's survival-horror title Miasmata will be published for PC through Steam and, reports Eurogamer.

The brothers, operating under the developer name IonFX, have been developing Miasmata for four years on Joe's self-made MILO engine. Miasmata sets players in the shoes of a plague-infected scientist stranded on Eden, a tropical island devoid of all human life. Players will navigate the island through landmark recognition and hand-drawn maps scattered throughout the world.

Players must find their missing colleagues as well as a cure for their strange illness, and a mysterious creature stalking the island poses a serious threat thanks to some carefully-programmed AI.

"He responds to sounds, smell, and has a vision-cone," Bob Johnson told Eurogamer. "You can duck behind trees and rocks and things, and you can also hide in tall grasses and bushes. Objects on the ground have different properties, so if you step on some crunchy sticks or leaves, he may become more aware of you.

"The creature is invincible, but you will have to fight him sometimes in order to get an opportunity to flee," he added. "You can use rocks, sticks, knives, torches, etc. to attack him. This may scare him away for awhile. You can also throw objects in another direction and that may distract him. You'll throw a torch, for example, and his head will follow it and he may go investigate it. He'll become progressively more dangerous as you go through the game."

Miasmata was approved for distribution through Steam on Steam Greenlight late last month.

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