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The Elder Scrolls Online dev diary provides first look at gameplay footage of Bethesda's MMO

In a newly released developer diary for The Elder Scrolls Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that spans Skyrim, Morrowind and regions beyond, the team at ZeniMax Online Studios offer an introductory look at the expansive, ancient world of Tamriel.

The first-ever gameplay footage of The Elder Scrolls Online touches on the MMO's varied environments, its diverse character customization and the game's aesthetic, designed to reflect the look and feel of the three most recent Elder Scrolls games. ZeniMax Online gives fans a peek at combat between players and monsters, as well as massive player-versus-player battles involving hundreds of combatants.

Matt Firor, game director on The Elder Scrolls Online, dedicates time to explain the game's shard-less online structure, saying "We have a technology we call Mega Server where all players are on one server. So all your friends are right there; you just create a character, you click play and you go. The game is smart about where to put you. It puts you in game spaces with your friends, with your guildmates... It's a way to be connected with everyone."

The nine-minute video also touches on the game's social systems, nine races and armor and weapon customization.

The Elder Scrolls Online is in development for Windows and Mac for release in 2013.

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