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Anarchy Reigns Day One edition pre-order gets you two extra multiplayer modes, unlockable Bayonetta character

Death by hair

Users who pre-order the Anarchy Reigns Day One edition will receive two extra multiplayer modes and an unlockable Bayonetta character, Sega Europe announced today.

Mad Survival multiplayer mode is an extreme variation of survival mode, where one team of three players fight against waves of enemies who take the form of tougher playable characters in the game. Dogfight is the second multiplayer mode available, which sees players attempt to shoot one another to the ground as they hang from helicopters.

In addition, beyond making use of her signature weapons a set of four large caliber handguns called Scarborough Fair those who unlock the playable Bayonetta can also make user of her "Wicked Weave" attack throughout, summoning demons using her hair as a conduit.

These pre-order extras are only available in Europe, a Sega representative told Polygon.

The Platinum Games brawler is scheduled to launch in North America on Jan. 8, 2013, followed by a European release on Jan. 11. The game was originally scheduled to release in fall 2011 , but Sega's decision to focus on its key franchises and its push to digital forced the company to push back the game's debut.

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