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Crysis 3 trailer creeps through 'Hunter' multiplayer mode

Crysis 3's "Hunter" multiplayer mode pits hunters against Cell Troopers in 2-on-10 matches for console, 2-on-14 matches for PC, as shown in a new trailer released today by publisher EA.

For every Cell Trooper killed, a hunter will respawn, sliding the scales of ally and foe until the round ends or all Cell Troopers have been destroyed.

Beginning today, pre-orders of the special Crysis 3: Hunter Edition will receive extra in-game goodies, including the cloaking-friendly Predator Bow weapon skin and honing Recon Arrow. Hunter Edition buyers will also begin multiplayer at level 5 and will be given access to the "Hunter" Nanosuit.

Check out the trailer above for a closer look at Crysis 3: Hunter Edition. The game is scheduled to be released in February.

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