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Offspring Fling developer releasing Jottobots for PC this weekend

The creator of the fuzzy creature-throwing puzzle game, Offspring Fling, is releasing what he describes as a "miniature exploration game with arcade-style scoring" called Jottobots this weekend.

Made as part of a collaboration between Offspring Fling developer Kyle Pulver, J. Otto Seibold and music by Josh Whelchel, Jottobots continues the independent developer's streak of creative platform puzzle games with squishy-looking protagonists.

Jottobots is played under a five minute time limit with bonuses adding more time to the player's game. The goal is for the player to find the game's exit while picking up power-ups and shooting at enemies to rack up the highest score, all before the timer ends.

Originally conceived as part of ARTXGAME, an event that curates and presents games created jointly by independent developers, the game will be available on PC Nov. 10. The developers are currently looking into a Mac version. To keep up to date with the game, visit its official website.

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