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Double Fine lets everyone in on how Middle Manager of Justice was born

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The project lead on Double Fine Production's mobile game, Middle Manager of Justice, has shared a video created in Xtranormal that explains the humble beginnings of the super hero management game.

Project lead Kee Chi writes in an accompanying post:

As you may know, Double Fine periodically divides up into teams to work on new two-week prototype games. We call it Amnesia Fortnight. For the last AF, I wanted to make a superhero management game for mobile devices. When trying to come up with a clever name, I thought of the soccer sim Football Manager. From that, Superhero Manager (boring!) evolved to Middle Manager of Justice! Then I realized how fun it would be to juxtapose all the superhero stuff with the everyday humdrum life of a corporate office. Tim greenlit the idea for AF prototyping, but there was on tiny wrinkle. I would not be in the office for the meeting where we introduced our AF idea to the rest of the team. So I improvised...

Chi says that the video above was the original internal pitch for the game. For images of the game's early prototypes, click through to Chi's post.