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Wii U eShop looks to be designed for touchscreen navigation

Touch controls may be the best way to navigate the Wii U's eShop, according to an image of the Japanese version of the digital store on Nintendo's website.

With large panels of content and a left-hand dock for tabs, Nintendo's online store will likely be most easily used on the screen of the console's GamePad, as opposed to the TV itself.

According to Nintendo, the eShop will offer the usual slate of digital content — games, downloadable content and demos. The Wii U eShop will also be integrated with Miiverse, bringing in recommendation ratings for the content available in the store. Nintendo notes that any existing Wii Points sitting in your Wii account won't be valid on the Wii U, since the company isn't using that currency on the new console.

The Wii U launches in North America on Nov. 18.

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