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Russia re-examining availability of violent computer games after Moscow shooting

Russia may ban sales of violent video games after a recent shooting in Moscow by a fan of psychological slash game Manhunt, reports Pravda.

On Nov. 7, lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov shot and killed five people and injured two others in northern Moscow pharmaceutical office. According to Pravda, the shooting was over his unrequited love for a female co-worker and persistent ridicule from his colleagues. It became known that Vinogradov is fan of Rockstar's gruesome 2003 stealth game Manhunt, which is already banned in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Germany due to its graphic portrayal of killing people.

Hours before the attack, Vinogradov posted a violent "hate manifest" online, saying he would "destroy as many parts of the human compost as possible."

Deputy on the State Duma Committee on Education Vladimir Burmatov, who believes violent video games inspired Vinogradov's shooting, is working towards setting up a government committee to supervise the sales of computer games.

The Federal Surveillance Service for Mass Media and Communications is currently looking to ban Manhunt in Russia, reports Pravda.

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