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Big Sky Infinity coming to PS3 and Vita, free to European PlayStation Plus members

Big Sky Infinity, a twin-stick shooter from co-developers Boss Baddie and Hustle Kings maker VooFoo Studios, is coming soon to PlayStation Network and PlayStation Vita, according to a recent teaser trailer for the game.

The YouTube description of the trailer from publisher Ripstone says that for a limited time, Big Sky Infinity will be free for European PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Big Sky Infinity is an expanded edition of Boss Baddie's well-received 2011 PC shoot-'em-up, Really Big Sky. Its levels are procedurally generated, and the game adapts to your skill level on the fly. Players' ships soar through levels, and can also be upgraded to drill through planets.

There's no indication that Big Sky Infinity will support Sony's Cross Buy promotion, but it will offer cross-platform cloud saving functionality, and a logo in the trailer suggests it may become part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection.

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