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Curiosity creators 22Cans address connection problems, disappearing coins in special video

22Cans Studios shared a video today addressing the problems Curiosity players are having getting onto servers and with disappearing coins.

The humorous video walks viewers through the studio as one of the game's designers haggles the development team regarding the issues, including director Peter Molyneux.

Curiosity was released on iOS and Android on Tuesday. Almost immediately following the release the game's servers were overwhelmed, resulting in connectivity issues and preventing some players from participating. The game has also been suffering a bug in which in-game coins randomly disappear without chance of recovery.

"Basically we and our server are overwhelmed by the number of people trying out the experiment," Molyneux tweeted on Tuesday, asserting that the team is working to correct the problem as soon as possible.

Some players are still able to log on to Curiosity, although many are still experiencing the problem.

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