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Learn the history of Halo with complete universe timeline

The timeline jumps on to cover Reach, ODST and more

A timeline mapping Halo's history and basic mythology, which extends to book tie-ins, gives players a greater understanding of events prior to Halo 4.

The timeline was fully mapped and illustrated by GameFront. Beginning with the humankind's re-emergence and the games' pre-history, the timeline charts the existence of the Precursors and the Forerunners, who Halo 4 players will want to familiarize themselves with. Requiem, where most of the game takes place, is a Forerunner world. The timeline jumps on to cover Reach, ODST and more before ending with events leading up to Halo 4, including Cortana's mental state and the rebuilding of civilization.

Check out the full timeline here. Halo 4 released on Nov. 6 for Xbox 360, nearly five years after the release of Halo 3.

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