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Three Firefall beta weekends coming this fall

Firefall developer Red 5 Studios is opening up the game's beta on three upcoming weekends, the company announced yesterday.

Players can apply to join existing beta testers — Red 5 isn't guaranteeing that everyone who applies will get in — for 48 hours of "unlimited access" to Firefall on the following three weekends, each with its own theme:

  • Nov. 9-11: "Thump the Server," in which players will call down thumpers and fight the creatures they attract
  • Nov. 30-Dec. 2: "Population Control," in which players will work together to keep down the amount of dangerous wildlife in the world of New Eden
  • Dec. 7-9: "Chosen Invasion," in which players will halt the progress of the Chosen

The beta weekends will help Red 5 stress-test the servers, in addition to giving players a chance to try out the game. Firefall is an MMO first-person shooter that Red 5 announced at PAX Prime 2010. The developer has not yet announced a release date.

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