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Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve in beta on Steam, pre-orders 20 percent off

Klei Entertainment's Tim Burton-esque survival game Don't Starve is in beta on Steam, with pre-orders for the full game going for 20 percent off until the game launches for PC early next year, Valve announced today on the Steam community page.

To enter the beta, players must pre-order the game, which costs $11.99 with the discount. Pre-orders also come with an extra code to let another player into the game for free.

In Don't Starve, players step into the shoes of German scientist Wilson, who has been trapped by a demon and stranded in a foreign wilderness. To escape, Wilson must manipulate the creatures and inhabitants of the dark environment while sill playing by its strange rules. Players can explore, craft items and build shelter in an effort to keep themselves alive.

Don't Starve went into beta earlier this summer through the game's official website, where the game's demo is still free-to-play.

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