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Get Games offers 2 for $15 on select Sega titles, 75 percent off in stealth sale

Digital distributor Get Games is currently running a Get Loaded Sega sale on six downloadable titles, as well as a stealth sale featuring the Deus Ex and Hitman series until Monday, Dec. 3.

Sega-centric buyers can choose any two games for $15, from Shogun: Total War 2, Jet Set Radio, Alien vs. Predator, Binary Domain, Sonic Generations or Renegade Ops. Those interested in the entire collection are in luck; the site also offers the full package for $30.

The Get Games stealth sale does not include package deals, but offers 75 percent off on 23 titles. The Game of the Year Edition of the original Deus Ex sells for $1.99, while the latest in the series, Human Revolution is priced at $7.49. Additional titles include entries in the Thief, Death to Spies, Commando and Hitman series for less than $10.

All games are available on Windows only.

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