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Valve’s second annual Saxxy Awards winners revealed, 'Best Overall' still to come

Winners of the second annual Saxxy Awards short film contest have been announced, with the live "Best Overall" announcement still to come during the Spike Video Game Awards pre-show.

The Saxxy Awards grants animiators the chance to showcase their Source Filmmaker skills. Unlike last year's competition, which required filmmakers to use Team Fortress 2, contestants were allowed to pull material from any Valve-owned property. Additionally, last year's 20 categories are now limited to five: Best Action, Best Replay, Best Comedy, Best Drama and Best Overall.

Voting began on Nov. 16 and ended on Nov. 27. Four nominees made it into the final round, and the following films were crowned as winners:

  • Best Action: Meet the Dumpster Diver
  • Best Replay: EPIC High Five Fail
  • Best Comedy: Wishmaker
  • Best Drama: Bad Medicine

Winners of individual categories win a gold statuette of Saxton Hale of Team Fortress 2 fame, while the Best Overall winner will receive a trip to Valve for a filmmaking session with the company's Source Filmmakers.

The Spike VGA pre-show takes place on Dec. 7.