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Mew-Genics players will 'never get the same cat twice'

Mew-Genics, the latest title from Team Meat, will feature more than 12,207,031,250,000,000,000,000 cats, according to the latest update from Edmund McMillen.

Players and their friends will never get the same animal, McMillen said. Even cloning a cat won't yield the exact same result, as its childhood will affect the outcome.

"Technically that number only applies to how the cat looks," McMillen wrote about the numerical claim. "If you include its personality variables that number multiplies by a lot...not to mention the ability variable, personal stats and a ton more secret stuff we will talk about later."

Team Meat has been steadily unveiling Mew-Genics details every "Caturday" since its October reveal, starting the character images for Butch, Tracy, Frank, Mr. Tinkles and Dr. Beanies. The team is now slowly releasing information on gameplay, design, music and more.