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Screen Australia invites submissions on its $20m Interactive Games Fund

Screen Australia wants your feedback

Screen Australia is accepting feedback submissions between now to Jan. 25, 2013 on its Australian Interactive Games Fund, a $20 million fund pledged by the Federal Government last month to support the country's game development industry.

The options paper, released today, contains six sections: objectives and context, funding aims, enterprize funding, pre-production funding, production funding and existing support. Screen Australia is seeking input on each of those sections. Feedback will be accepted and analyzed to help the funding body develop detailed guidelines for the program.

Screen Australia will also be hosting public forums which developers and members of the public can attend to discuss the options paper. The first of the public forums will be held tonight in Melbourne, with additional public forums being held in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney over the coming days. The schedule for the public forums can be viewed here.

The options paper can be read in full here.