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Mafia developer offers a glimpse at the future of RPGs on next-gen consoles

Warhorse Studios' creative director Daniel Vávra has offered a glimpse at the developer's currently unannounced next-gen RPG slated for 2014 or 2015, Eurogamer reports.

During Saturday's GDS Conference 2012 in Prague, Vávra showed off the Medieval-styled RPG throughout a 10-minute lecture. The game features environments built on a modified version of CryEngine 3, with early footage demonstrating what is possible using the tech.

Commentary throughout the video is not in English; However, the footage speaks for itself, offering a first-person look at Medieval farmland environments, reflections in murky water and detailed wooden buildings.

Vávra is best known for his work on the Mafia series, first launched in 2002. In 2011, he and and number of industry veterans, including former Bohemia Interactive designers, created Warhorse Studios.

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