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Minecraft Xbox 360 update 8 brings with it The End

Minecraft Xbox 360 fans can expect The End to come in Update 8, developer 4J Studios announced via its official Twitter.

The largely empty plane known as "The End" is a floating island made up material known as End Stone, as well as pillars made of Obsidian. The area includes a high spawn rate of Endermen, along with a boss creature known as Ender Dragon.

"We have a good bit more work to do on The End, and don't want that to hold up TU7," writes the developer. "The End will be in TU8."

Title Update 7 was first revealed last week. It will feature animal breeding, potion brewing, experience points, enchantment tables, mushroom biomes, a Nether Fortress, a new tutorial world, villagers, "mooshrooms", blaze, snow golems, magma cubes and baby animals.

No release date has been made available for either update.