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Pinball FX2's Zen Classics DLC brings four remastered tables to XBLA this Wednesday

Pinball FX2, Zen Studios' pinball simulation game, will receive four tables from the original Zen Pinball as DLC this Wednesday, Dec. 12, according to a post on PlayXBLA.

For 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade, the Zen Classics DLC will include "Tesla," which is based on the turn-of-the-century scientist, "Shaman," which is filled with spin discs and ramp jumps, "El Dorado," which is filled with deadly traps and "V12," a hotrod-themed table. Each table includes updated graphics and physics.

Last week, Zen Studios announced that Zen Pinball 2 will launch this month for Wii U on the Nintendo eShop. As it is on other platforms, the game will be available as a free download with paid DLC.