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From the ashes of Glitch comes Glitchamaphone for iPad

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Online multiplayer social game Glitch may have given up the ghost this past weekend, but the game will live on in another form as the basis for a music creation app for iPad. Glitchamaphone, from developer Tiny Speck and audio designers GL33k, is bringing stylish music-making soon to iOS.

In a quick walkthrough of Glitchamaphone's features, the music creation app's creators show how to play and edit your own tunes. The spin-off app is capable of recording a user's real-time input and a grid-based editor makes more precise adjustments easy. Glitchamaphone is wrapped in the softly animated style of Glitch, Tiny Speck's MMO that folded after failing to find a wide audience.

According to a report from Venus Patrol, Glitchamaphone was originally planned to integrate with Glitch itself, allowing users to upload their creations to the game for others to share and remix.