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How the art of Incredipede evolved from a screenshot into a woodcut-styled game

Incredipede developer Northway Games has released a video depicting the evolution of art style in the recently released title, from its early days as a screenshot of a simple 2D prototype to its eventual woodcut-like art style.

As narrated by artist Thomas Shahan, the game's art style had at one point deviated from the initial woodcut concept and instead adopted an inkwash-meets-water-color line-art style. Eventually Shahan settled for the thick-cut woodcut look seen in the final game, using a background environment based on the Wichita Mountains.

Early concept art and sketches are shown throughout the video, as well as a description on the method Shahan used to create the woodcut style throughout the game.

Incredipede is currently available for $14.99 on PC and Mac.