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Collection containing every Super Nintendo game is getting $0.01 offers

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As of this posting, Reddit user Byuu has received more than 120 offers for his complete collection of 721 Super Nintendo games released in North America. Of those offers, 110 have been between a single cent and $300. They were declined automatically.

The collection is comprised of all SNES games sold at retail including all boxes, 605 game manuals, and white box inserts, white usage instruction booklets, Nintendo Power advertisement cards and posters and registration cards for a majority of the games. The collection also includes 26 duplicate games, 15 duplicate boxes and between 50 and 100 duplicate manuals.

The asking price is $24,999. But Byuu, who declined to share his real name, has received a myriad of lower offers: one of $13,000, two for $15,000, one for $18,000 and two $20,000 bids. Although Byuu says he is willing to sell for $20,000, the two bidders said they are waiting to get the money in hand; one asked for a week, the other asked for two months.

"I have not heard directly from any museums, but I'd be happy to sell to them as well, just not at a loss."

"If I cannot get $20,000 I will not fully recoup my own investment, and I can't afford to lose money," Byuu told Polygon. "I will most likely wait indefinitely. The SNES game prices have continued to rise steadily over the past several years. It will eventually sell, I am confident in that."

The attention his collection has garnered is surprised to Byuu, who "didn't think the auction was quite that impressive" initially. His Reddit post has drawn other collectors and piqued the interest of a museum curators from organizations like the Digital Game Museum. But none have contacted him directly to make an offer.

"I have not heard directly from any museums, but I'd be happy to sell to them as well, just not at a loss," he said.

Byuu reasons that around sixty games makes up the most valuable chunk of the collection with the remaining titles costing around $5 each. All games were cleaned and tested, and Byuu replaced two games that did not work with copies that did.

"Sure, most of [the games] are not desirable in and of themselves," he explained. "The value here comes from getting a complete collection, that you don't have to spend years searching for yourself.

"The price really is fair," he added. "People outside of the game collecting scene may not be aware, but the top 20 or so games [in the collection] easily sell for $350-$1000 each when complete in box with manual."

Byuu is a computer programmer and is also working on his own SNES emulator. He hopes to "reverse-engineer as much of the system as [he] can," according to a page on his website, and share the information to improve the quality of all SNES emulators..

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