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Dishonored's Dunwall City Trials has 10 map challenges and new trophies

Bethesda detailed the contents of the first round of downloadable content for Dishonored today, revealing 10 map challenges and 10 new trophies.

The DLC, which was first announced last week, will come with the following Challenge Maps:

  • Assassin's Run: A true test for accomplished crossbow users, you'll need to quickly eliminate targets as you move through the level. Just be careful not to kill any civilians.
  • Mystery Foe: Collect the map's four clues without being discovered to investigate which NPC is your assassination target. Complete the level by successfully completing the assassination.
  • Bend Time Massacre: Each round of this challenge map begins with your character peering through glass and learning your assassination goal. Once you break the glass, the "Bend Time" effect will begin and you'll need to race against the clock to complete the objective. Attain higher scores by completing the Bonus Round at the end of each objective.
  • Burglars: Sneak into a mansion (easier said than done) to recover six Clockwork Eggs and as many valuables as you can. Make sure you're not detected - three strikes and you're out.
  • Bonfires: This one is for Blink experts. With the clock running, touch as many light beacons as you can.
  • Oil Drop: Be quick on the draw to destroy waves of oil tanks tossed from above. You'll have to be handy with the steel if you know what I mean.
  • Train Runner: A true test of agility, you'll need to be faster than a speeding bullet in this race to outrun a locomotive.
  • Back Alley Brawl: Put all your offensive abilities to the test as you battle hordes of enemies, round after round.
  • Kill Chain Massacre: Kill a high number of enemies in a continuous chain using the environment and/or your powers. Take your time before each round to map out a killing-combo strategy. Once you make your first kill, it's a race against the clock.
  • Kill Cascade: Perform a series of drop assassinations as you try to reach the end of the run as fast as possible. Perfecting this challenge is no easy task, but it ends with a surprise twist.

In addition to these maps are 10 new trophies:

  • Mr. Pilsen's Remorse: You found Emily's doll hidden in each of the 10 challenges
  • Void Start: You completed all Normal and Expert challenges with a 3-Stars rating
  • By My Hand Alone: You made it to Wave 13 in Back Alley Brawl killing all combatants personally
  • Assassin vs. Machine: You completed Train Runner before the train arrives at the station
  • Rare Collector: You found all of the collectable figurines in Burglar on Expert
  • Long Way Down: You performed a drop assassination of at least 150 meters in the Kill Cascade challenge
  • Headhunter: You completed Assassin's Run with 100% accuracy using only head shots
  • Daredevil: In Bonfires, you performed all the special combination jumps in 1 round
  • Natural Talent: You finished Mystery Foe without using any active supernatural powers
  • Time Management: You finished Chain Kill or Bend Time Massacre without failing any wave, including bonuses

Dunwall City Trials is now available from the PlayStation Store for $4.99 and on Xbox Live for 400 Microsoft Points.