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David Jaffe shows off design documents from canceled game Heartland and Calling All Cars

David Jaffe's canceled games

The developer behind games like God of War and Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, uploaded photos of game design documents for two of games today: Heartland, which was canceled, and Calling All Cars.

Heartland, he explains on his blog, was meant to be a "return to more old school, opened up single player (and co-op) GoldenEye/Doom 2 style level design ... plus a little Deus Ex thrown in."

In a caption for the document, Jaffe explains an escort mission where players could get a sniper rifle, turn on the power in a theme park that looks like a cross between Disneyland and Red Dawn and ride the ferris wheel to a vantage point to snipe enemies.

The second game Jaffe describes was titled Calling All Cars. In his blog post he reveals concept art by artist and developer John Wu.

Jaffe tells The Escapist that Heartland was canceled because the design wasn't a good marriage with the team. "They weren't really impressed with a) my politics and b) story-based games to begin with," he says.

Jaffe goes into depth about how the game was canceled and his experience working with Incognito over at The Escapist.

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