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Masahiro Sakurai on handling Twitter whiners and the new Smash Bros.

Not a peep on the upcoming Smash Bros.

Masahiro Sakurai, the creator of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the Smash Bros. series, admits that he is working on a new Smash Bros. game in his Famitsu column this week, but he's remaining tight-lipped about the game itself.

"To put it succinctly, I'll need to have you guys wait a while longer," the producer wrote. "I hardly ever write anything on Twitter any longer, and that's because I think right now is the time to stop tweeting and start putting in a real effort here. If I could put it a really harsh way, I think it'd be better if I could be forgotten by gamers for a while."

Sakurai used this as a springboard to write about the main topic of the column, which is the balancing act game designers like himself have to perform when dealing with the general public. "I don't like it when a tweet or whatever leads to needless speculation getting spread around," he wrote. "For example, when I tweet about playing some game, some people immediately get the idea that that character is in the new Smash Bros. Then people fan the flames on it, people start to think it's really true, people get angry about it. Nobody benefits."

"Then people fan the flames on it, people start to think it's really true, people get angry about it. Nobody benefits."

To illustrate how gamers often like to put words in creators' mouths, Sakurai brought up a question asked to him during one of the college seminars he held in Japan. "I got asked once by a student 'Is Fox really strong in Smash Bros. Brawl because you like Star Fox?' Absolutely not. I don't balance things based on that. These are very important titles that the creators and fans are leaving to me. In the worldwide online rankings, Fox's winning record is right in the middle of all the characters. The idea with him was a character that suicided often, but made up for it with other skills, but I guess that prominence gave him this image of being really powerful."

So Sakurai isn't talking about his day job anytime soon. But once he does, he promises a big event. "Instead of talking about what Smash Bros. will be like," he concluded, "I'm just going to say 'I'm making you wait for it!' and keep going along. I want to put my all into a full-on launch that really makes that wait worth it."