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Velocity developer Futurlab signs with Sony for future PS Vita IP

Futurlab, the U.K. based development studio known best for its work on PlayStation Mini game Velocity, has signed a deal with Sony to develop new IP for PlayStation Vita, the studio announced.

The deal sees Sony provide funds to the studio to develop new content for the Vita platform in 2013. In addition, it allows Futurlab to retain control of its intellectual property.

"We're incredibly excited to be working closely with PlayStation over the next year, bringing our particular brand of twitchy fun to the PS Vita," Futurlab Managing Director James Marsden said in a prepared statement. "Sony has provided a great package that means we retain full control of our IP, which is a perfect deal for us."

As of now a countdown clock on the website Futurlab's next project, currently titled Fan Powered Flight, has two days remaining alongside the statement: "You asked for it." Details remain scant until its reveal this week.