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THQ financial trouble has not yet affected Homefront 2 development, says Crytek CEO

Financial trouble at publisher THQ has not significantly affected the development of first-person shooter Homefront 2, but the consequences remain to be seen, according to a recent interview with Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli at Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

"We know how our relationship is, but we don't know what's happening to fix THQ's financial problems," he said. "That's THQ's prerogative. But we have hopes that THQ is going to turn around, and Homefront 2 is a very big part of that turnaround.

"I would say it's probably the most important project, actually," he added. "I would say it's the IP that's most relevant along with Saints Row. Those two are pretty much THQ's flagship."

Yerli says the triple-A landscape is changing not due to cost increase but because players are moving away from traditional consoles, and developers are not keeping up. According to Yerli, this is why current emphasis is on existing reliable IPs, because success is guaranteed.

"EA's doing a good job of that, but many others aren't," he explained. "Some companies like Activision are resting on their strong IPs like Call of Duty and whatnot. And others have failed to adapt. So I think the industry's in a difficult spot right now. Platforms did not adapt to player styles, and players have wandered away. I hope next-gen as well as the next online platforms are going to fix that."

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