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Spicy Horse brings BigHead Bash and Crazy Fairies to Amazon's free-to-play section

Developer Spicy Horse Games has added two of its titles to Amazon's free-to-play games section, browser games Crazy Fairies and BigHead Bash, the company announced today.

Amazon account holders can now link to their game accounts, facilitating in-game purchases and adding an additional secure payment option.

BigHead Bash has players face off in free-for-all deathmatches with collectible toys, many of them historical figures or other recognizable characters. Multiplatform play is supported by Spicy Horse servers, allowing players on all platforms to participate in the same game.

Turn-based brawler Crazy Fairies lets players choose from eight fairytale characters to send into the arena. Crazy Fairies holds in-game tournaments and holiday-themed events for players to test their mettle against one another.

Spicy Horse recently brought Crazy Fairies and Bighead Bash to the Armor Games and Aeria Games browser-based platforms.

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