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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy out on iOS today in New Zealand

Rhythm title Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will be available on iOS today, revealed by a listing on New Zealand's iTunes App Store.

The app itself is free and comes with two songs and 13 playable characters, many of them not included in the original Nintendo 3DS release. Additional songs are available for $1.29 (about $1 in US currency) each, and bundle packs of songs from the same Final Fantasy title are available for $4.19 (about $3.50 US) through the app.

In addition to the modes in the 3DS version, Theatrhythm for iOS includes a new Quest Medley mode, a gauntlet of rhythm games set to iconic Final Fantasy soundtracks. Quest song lists will change each time players enter the mode, offering new combinations of tunes, difficulty levels and rewards.

The game also includes Twitter integration and a Compose Scores mode allowing players to create their own song combinations and share them with other players.

The game is currently only available in New Zealand typically, when games arrive on the App Store in New Zealand, their global release is just around the corner. Square Enix has not made an official announcement regarding the game, but opened a website earlier this week teasing a Theatrhythm-related announcement.

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