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Humble THQ Bundle pulls in $5 million in sales, president kicks in an extra $10,000

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Michael McWhertor is a journalist with more than 17 years of experience covering video games, technology, movies, TV, and entertainment.

THQ's Humble Bundle efforts have come to a close with more than $5 million in sales, with an extra $10,000 of that coming from recently appointed president Jason Rubin who reclaimed his position at the top of the contributor list today.

More than 885,000 game bundles were sold through the Humble THQ Bundle, pulling in $5,097,261.48. That money doesn't all go directly to THQ, as contributors had the option to offer a cut of their contribution to the American Red Cross, the Child's Play charity and to the Humble Bundle organization itself.

The average price paid per bundle ended at $5.76.

The Humble Bundle effort kicked off on Nov. 29, letting contributors pay what they wanted for six PC games published by THQ: Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction: Armageddon, Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts and Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor. Contributors were rewarded with a copy of Saints Row: The Third if they paid more than the average price.

THQ later added Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War and Titan Quest as additional rewards to contributors who kicked in more than the average.

The Humble THQ Bundle was a quick success, generating more than $2 million in sales in its first day. Sales were bolstered by THQ executives themselves, with CEO Brian Farrell buying a $1,650 bundle and president Jason Rubin contributing twice with a $1,050 bundle in addition to his $10,000 bundle.

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