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Cliff Bleszinski doesn't want the Gears of War chainsaw gun to be his only legacy

Bleszinski on his legacy and the future

Game developer Cliff Bleszinski — best known for his work on the Gears of War series — doesn't want the game's chainsaw gun to be his lasting legacy, he tells X-Play in a recent interview.

Speaking on the program about his recent departure from Epic Games and his plans for the future, Bleszinski says that he doesn't want to be known for just one thing in the same way that director Steven Spielberg doesn't want to be known just for E.T.

"I don't want the chainsaw gun to be my legacy," he says. "It is pretty cool and whenever somebody puts together a top 50 weapons in video games and it's up there with the Halo sword and the lancer and the Doom BFG, that's really flattering, but a lot of these kids who have only been playing games for the last however many years, that's the only thing they think I ever did."

Bleszinski says that many people — especially younger gamers — forget that he worked on the likes of Jazz Jackrabbit and Unreal Tournament and, "moving forward, I would like to work on something new and fresh and kind of redefine my legacy."

The developer remained tight-lipped about his plans for the future, saying that while he met with many developers and publishers after his departure from Epic he can't talk about any of it right now.

"I'll start a new studio soon maybe, at some point," he says. "It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when and with who."

Bleszinski's full interview with X-Play where he talks about what kind of studio he'd like to run if he were to open his own can be viewed here.

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