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Sound Shapes DLC incorporates indie drum loops from The Loop Loft

Drum loops from The Loop Loft's Indie Rock Drums Vol. 1 collection are available today for Sound Shapes, according to a press release from the musical loop developer.

Each loop for Queasy Games' rhythm platformer comes from "organic, accurate captures of living, breathing drummers." The Boston-area sample shop's loops are available on in packs on PlayStation 3 and Vita from the Sound Shapes Music Shop for $0.99 each. Earlier this month, Sound Shapes received a collection of 8-bit, acoustic and drum sounds in three $0.99 packs of their own.

You can listen to a sample of the indie-styled grooves from Indie Rock Drums Vol. 1 on The Loop Loft's website. For more on Sound Shapes and some animated GIFs, be sure to read our review, which called the game an "excellent example of the wonders of great execution."

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