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Zynga brings Bubble Safari to iOS and Facebook

Zynga's bubble shooter Bubble Safari has been ported into two free new versions today, Bubble Safari Ocean on Facebook and Bubble Safari Mobile for iOS, the developer announced.

Bubble Safari Mobile is compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch. The port has been given a new map and 89 levels, and the stacked bubble racks have been redesigned. The bonus-stacking On Fire mode, score-boosting Boost Bubbles and the ability to share bubbles with friends have been included as well.

Bubble Safari Ocean is available only on Facebook. Gameplay is identical to the original Bubble Safari, but now the stage is set on the ocean floor. Players control Crabby Joe on his mission to save his babies who have been swept out to sea by powerful currents. Players must free the babies trapped in bubbles as they pop their way through the racks.

"When Bubble Safari launched back in May, we were blown away at how quickly our millions of players progressed through the game," wrote Zynga vice president Tom Casey in a post on Zynga's blog. "Seeing how much our players loved Bubble Safari, we knew we wanted to give Zynga players more ways to play and enjoy this fan-favorite category."

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