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Project Godus studio plans to release playable prototype today

Game designer Peter Molyneux's new development studio 22cans plans to release the first playable prototype for its upcoming release Project Godus today in an effort to bring in more funding to its struggling Kickstarter campaign, he told Ars Technica.

Backers of the project will have a chance to download and play the prototype on PC and mobile devices. This follows the studio's release of in-game footage from the currently buggy prototype last week.

"I've seen the prototype, I've actually played it.... I've got a few changes I'd like to be made, but the progress has been pretty constant, so Friday is going to be the time when we show the rest of the world what the prototype is," said Molyneux. He added: "[The prototype] is not the most beautiful piece of computer interaction ever, but you knead it and you touch it and you get the idea that sculpting the landscape is amazing, seeing things react in the landscape is incredible, and it's definitely going to work."

Molyneux previously revealed his goal of making a playable prototype available by Christmas. As of press time, backers have pledged 280,045 British pounds to the project with seven days to go for the game to reach its funding goal of 450,000 British pounds.

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